The AIRSTREAMdivider is protecting you from:

  • toothache of the front teeth
  • mouth and nose dried out mucous membranes
  • mask condensation
  • problems with exhaling against the airstream
  • moisturizing can be stopped or lowered because dehydration is less
  • aromatherapy during cpap use

Thanks to it’s flexible lips it fits all diameters of full face masks available on the market. Because of the inner construction of some Fisher & Paykel’s CPAP masks, the AIRSTREAMdivider can’t be used.

To place the AIRSTREAMdivider, put him with the flexible lips on the inside orifice of the mask, push and turn left or right, the lips will bend and he can be pushed in untill the stops touch the mask orifice and he is ready to use.

Thanks to the unique design of the AIRSTREAMdivider you can now take advantage of using your own aromatherapy product with our scentless pads – AIRSTREAMpads. Apply your product and let it dry for 15 minutes before mounting the AIRSTREAMdivider.

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